Easy Fitness Workouts – Gain Muscle and Lose Weight (Without Dying in the Process!)

Most people, myself included want to lose weight without having to do too much work. Well there are two sides to these kinds of easy workouts. First and foremost is that it is very possibly to get real results with easier exercises. The problem is the results don’t happen as fast.

You can easily lose weight if you are eating healthy and you only add in a 20 minute walk everyday. How hard is it to walk for 20 minutes? Maybe that’s too easy so you add some ankle and wrist weights. This little bit of resistance will go a long way. That’s about as easy as it gets.

The downside is it might take a whole month before you love 4lbs. Now that might seem small but if you did this all year you could lose up to 48lbs. That is nothing to laugh at, and the year is going to go by anyway.

The important thing is to do something, chances are once you start you will want to do more. Depending on how flexible you are you could try one of those yoga or pilates classes, they LOOK easy but don’t be fooled its much harder.

The fact of the matter is if you want to change the way you look you may have to break a sweat to do it. The good news is that once you get into it you will probably find you like it a lot more than you thought you would. It gets even more fun if you can do it with a friend to keep you on honest on daily exercises and eating right.

8 Quick and Easy Fitness Tips

If you don’t have enough time to spare for exercise, here are eight quick and easy fitness tips that you can include on your daily activity.

Being healthy is not just about hitting the gym daily and working out for several hours, or being able to fit well on those skinny jeans of yours. Regular exercising has a lot of benefits. These include lowering the risk of heart ailments, high blood pressure, colon cancer, and diabetes. It even helps in fighting depression. Furthermore, when you get to have enough exercise, you will have increased bone strength and an ever-increasing energy levels, and more importantly, you will gain a sense of well being.

Here are the tips:

1. Split it up
Instead of spending an hour at the gym, try splitting the amount of time. You may try doing 6 sessions of a 10-minute workout session all throughout the day. Try to incorporate some slow stretching and leg crunches in between and do that the moment you wake up early in the morning or during short breaks at work.

2. Walk yourself
Take a quick walk around your neighborhood right before you eat your breakfast or maybe after you have your dinner. Even those small increments of daily activity will help burn those excess body fats. Walking regularly will not only tone your hips and legs, but also keeps you energized all throughout the day.

3. Use a skipping rope and do a jumping jack
Get yourself a skipping rope and start jumping. By doing this, you will lose about 70 up to 110 calories in just a matter of 10 minutes.

4. Drink plenty of water
Dehydration hinders a person from doing aerobics. Therefore, working out meticulously will be of no help if you don’t drink enough liquid. Moreover, water is known to help burn calories and digest fats in our body. Most importantly, it helps in the detoxification of our system.

5. Get Outdoors
During your free time, do activities that excite you. You may go to the park, walk your dog, plan a picnic with friends or do something more adventurous like hiking and mountain climbing. You may also try rock climbing for a more exhilarating adventure.

6. Work it off
Do some few exercises at your work. Next time you find yourself picking up your phone for chitchat with a colleague, walk down towards her office instead. Or if you are craving for a cup of coffee, go walk yourself out of the office and buy the coffee yourself.

7. Be the delivery person
Ditch the habit of internet shopping now, and start walking at the actual store and buy the stuffs you want. Also, if you feel like eating a sandwich, instead of calling for a delivery, walk to the nearest cafe instead and buy the sandwich personally.

8. Make it family time
Encourage your spouse and kids to do some workout with you. Play Frisbee or any outdoor games that your kids will love. You may do it at the backyard or at the park. This is a great way of bonding with your family, and doing this regularly on a weekend will surely help in losing all those excess calories out.